Scans from Days of Yore

from antique print materials

by Roger Edwards

Click on the thumbnails to link to the PDF file of the item described. For efficiency, booklet covers (inside or outside) without text or imagery are not scanned. Alphabetic order by title or name. No endorsement of any content shall be construed from their presence on this site. These are antiques and likely contain outdated information!!!


    Maim Street
    by Travelers Insurance Companies (1950, 31 pp. + cover): Cartoon-illustrated booklet of street and highway accident data

    Tornadoes and What to Do about Them
    by Cecil Carrier and Robert Beebe (1960, 40 pp. + cover): Photo- and cartoon-illustrated booklet of 1960-era tornado understanding, emphasis on Kansas events

    Tornadoes: What They Are and What to Do about Them
    by U.S. Weather Bureau (1960, 4 pp.): Pamphlet of 1960-era tornado and safety understanding

    Weather Bureau Severe Local Storm Warning Service and Tornado Statistics, 1953-1968
    by U.S. Weather Bureau (1969, 6 pp. foldout): Pamphlet offering an overview of the state of severe-storm watches and warnings in 1969

    Weather Forecasting
    by U.S. Weather Bureau, foreword by Ivan Tannehill (1952, 43 pp. + cover): Summary of early 1950s-era weather-prediction concepts with maps and photos


    Sheet music:
    Heart Bowed Down
    by Michael William Balfe from opera The Bohemian Girl (June 1874, Peterson's Magazine)


    Sozodont Tooth Powder
    (June 1874, Peterson's Magazine)

    Tarrant's Effervescent Seltzer Aperient
    (June 1874, Peterson's Magazine)

    Engraving print:
    Les Modes Parisiennes: The Railroad Train
    by Illman Brothers (June 1874, Peterson's Magazine)

    Engraving print:
    A Little Puss
    by Illman Brothers (June 1874, Peterson's Magazine)


Why PDFs?
Easy: I already knew how to scan and save as such.

What about copyright? Can these be redistributed or reproduced?
Yes. All scans are public-domain. Material either was produced governmentally, produced privately for public-domain use, and/or older than 50 years, so that copyright has expired.

Have these cans been altered or "Photoshopped" in any way?
Only to remove obvious blemishes (stains, spots, specks, extraneous after-marks, page tears, etc.) where possible, and where doing so wouldn't alter the text or images. All original text and imagery is preserved to the extent it was present on the pages, and the scanner could resolve them at a resolution friendly to easily downloadable PDFs. I did not use highest possible resolutions due to size-vs.-bandwidth tradeoff.

What was your selection criteria?
Subjective personal interest, quaintness, potential to interest others or provoke thought, and/or desire to preserve for digital posterity an unusual item that otherwise may get lost forever.

Is there a cost or charge?
No. This content is public-domain and may be downloaded and re-distributed freely. However, let the record show that, for each of these scans, this web page is the one and only original digital source.

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