The Spencer SD Tornado of 30 May 1998

OU Doppler on Wheels Images

DOW Reflectivity, Spencer tornadoDOW Velocity, Spencer tornado

These are reflectivity and velocity images from DOW as the tornado is about to strike Spencer. DOW is parked along a section road 1 mile N of SD-38 off the lower left (SW) side in each radar image, or at location "B" in this map. The grid crosses are spaced at 500 m intervals. The images have been turned so that "up" is north -- so the bulk of the supercell is off the top (north) of the pictures.

The tornado is moving ESE (left to right and slightly down). The velocity shear couplet measurement is +98/-64 m/s, using the common color conventions of yellows/reds = outbound and greens/blues = inbound with respect to the radar. Note the strong shear zone W of the tornado. The 75 m/s (Doppler) = 83 m/s (ground) distance is about 250 m, which corresponds to the most intense damage in this aerial photo. Reflectivity values are uncalibrated and saturated.

Images and measurements courtesy Dr. Joshua Wurman, University of Oklahoma

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