Spencer tornado photo by Bill Reid

The Spencer SD Tornado of 30 May 1998

Image Credits and Information

Tornado Photos

All tornado pictures on the SPC Spencer Tornado website are copyrighted, used by permission of the photographers named on the images. They are not public domain. They may not be reproduced, re-distributed or altered without expressed consent of the photographers. For additional information contact the photographers:

  1. Keith Brown
  2. Bill Bunting
  3. Cheryl Chang
  4. Kristen Corbosiero
  5. Chuck Doswell
  6. David Dowell
  7. Roger Edwards
  8. Martin Lisius
  9. Al Moller
  10. Nick Nicholson
  11. Bill Reid
  12. Jim "Dryliner" Williams

Thanks to Chuck Doswell for creating and providing digital enhancements of some of the photos so that cloud and tornado structures can be better defined. These enhanced images are linked from the descriptions of the original scans, in the photo pages.

Tornado Damage Photos

Damage photos were taken during official surveys conducted by, or in cooperation with, the National Weather Service, and are in the public domain. For more information on individual damage pictures, contact the person named on or next to the image:

Tornado Track Maps

Except where noted, path maps are adapted from those available through the U.S. Census Bureau's online mapping service. They are public domain maps and may be freely reproduced and distributed.

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